Wednesday, July 23, 2014


मैं भूखा हूँ यह सच है, तुम भी भूखे हो यह सच है|
मुझे जीने की प्यास मार रही, तुम्हें जीतने की यह सच है|
गुनाहों से न मिटती है सत्ता की भूख, क्या यह तुमको ज्ञात नहीं?
काया को मेरी तुम निचोड़ रहे हो, क्या यह सच्ची बात नहीं?

अस्त्र तुम्हारे प्राणों से बड़े, जो मार दिए कितने बच्चे-बूढ़े,
करने जयजयकार अब तुम्हारी, देखो कितने हैं शरीर पड़े!
कहीं खून की बाढें, तो गिरी बारूद की बरसातें कहीं!
ग़म किसी मौत का तुम्हें भी था, क्या यह सच्ची बात नहीं?

क्या अंतर तुम में-मुझ में, और ख़ुदा में तुम्हारे-मेरे?
डर रूह पे दीमक है बना, आतंक ने घरों में बनाये हैं बसेरे!
सीमाएँ देशों की बदल के, स्वर्ग तुम जाओगे सही...
पर मिलोगे उन्ही बेकसूरों को वहाँ... क्या यह सच्ची बात नहीं??

झाँको अपनी रूह के अंदर... बोलो, यह सच्ची बात नहीं?

#WednesdayWordplay is a poem-series in which readers send me a topic, a line, a picture or simply anything, which I complete/ interpret my way and present my interpretations through poetry! The idea is to present a perspective that is different from the reader's through interactive poetry.

This week's #WednesdayWordplay  theme was given to me by my colleague, Dr. Navneet Kaur Sandhu. Dr. Navneet is pursuing MD in Community Medicine and is very passionate about serving the lesser fortunate sections of the society. The word was 'truth' and she spoke to me about how people create different 'versions' of truth and use those to fulfill their vested interests. I used this central theme to portray the war-situation in Gaza Strip and sensitize readers of my blog to issues of terror, war and peace.

Note: The title 'Swargaza' is a word I invented myself. It could mean 'swa (self) as in 'Gaza herself', or 'swar' (voice, tone) of Gaza or swarg as in 'the heaven, Gaza'. In poetry, when the poet cannot find an appropriate word, he/she has the freedom to create words like these relevant to the theme. Suggestions and criticism is welcome and ideas for the next #WednesdayWordplay poem are invited too.  Please post your comments in the space below.


  1. Gaza n the rest of the Middle East leaves me cold. Just as the Balkans did a few years back. It does not help to know who is right n who us wrong. Unless ine has the power to rught the wrong.

  2. Very true. Thank you both Aditya and Raj Sir for your comments.